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Event Fundraising


Do you want some money for your organization easy and with no upfront expenses? How about using our Inflatables
to Inflate your Fundraiser.


Who can benefit?
The fundraiser option is intended solely for non-profit organizations such as Schools, Churches, Youth Groups, Sports Teams and extra-curricular groups.

What do we provide?
Baggers Party Rentals will furnish all the equipment, supplies, and a supervisor to ensure equipment is in proper working order and the safety rules are enforced. Attendants will be provided for
Toxic Meltdown & Human Bubble Balls.

What you do:
  • Promote Fundraiser for the Event. Bracelets must start to be sold 4 weeks before event. Organization is responsible to keep record of sales.
  • Organization will receive adequate Bracelets in numerical order. Bracelets should be given out to the participants the day of the event. Any missing bracelets will be counted as sold please keep them in numerical order. Pre-sale Bracelets will be one color and Bracelets sold at the event will be another color to keep track of sales.
  • Organization must provide all adult volunteers to help Supervise participants using the equipment. A safety sheet will be provided and any questions will be answered by our Supervisor that will be on site.

How It Works

  • Organization must sell a minimum of 150 bracelets or more 1 week prior to the event to determine what tier of rentals will be provided for the event. (View Tier List)
  • Day of the event, bracelets will be provided for your Organization to sell. Bracelets will be a different color than the pre-sale bracelets and also be in numerical order.
  • Tickets will be available for participants that do not want to purchase the bracelet for the event. Tickets for the major attraction will be $5.00 per ride, Inflatables $2.00 per use. Each bracelet comes with 1 concession ticket. Concession Tickets can be purchased separately for $2.00 each. 
  • Organization will provide Adult volunteers (teachers, parents, staff members) to help supervise inflatable rides.
  • Unlike other companies out there. Baggers Party Rentals splits 50/50 of all net profit generated from the event.
  • Baggers Party Rentals will provide attendants for the major attractions and have a supervisor on site.

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