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Toxic Meltdown

Toxic Meltdown is challenging fun for all age groups. It challenges your stamina, agility and reaction time. The spinning gyrating boom tries to knock you off your podium while you duck or jump to avoid it.

The operator is always in control of the ride and there is a variable speed control on the console that increases or decreases the speed of the ride based on participants, making it as easy or difficult as you wish! Toxic Meltdown is a fun game for all ages. The Boom Arm of the ride is made of soft foam material and the ride is surrounded by an inflatable.

Will you be the last person standing?

2 Hours: $537.50
Only Available Locally
($275.00 Each Additional Hour)

4 Hours: $1,075.00
($200.00 Each Additional Hour)

Indoor Space Requirement: 25’L x 25’W x 10′H
Outdoor Space Requirement: 25’L x 25’W x 20′H
Power Requirement: 2 (110V / 20Amp)

Free Delivery first 25 miles, $2.50 each additional mile. 
Insurance and Operators included.
(Serving: Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut areas.)